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Expert Tips on How to Achieve the Viral “I’m Cold” Makeup Look

Expert Tips on How to Achieve the Viral “I’m Cold” Makeup Look

It’s time to swap your bronzer out for blush as the “I’m cold” makeup trend sweeps the internet. “It feels inauthentic to be tan when you’re not poolside, but when it comes to our makeup, we still need that extra bit of dimension and pop,” says makeup artist Disco. Not to mention, it’s a pretty easy look to attain, and perfect for the darker months when we’re looking for lower-maintenance makeup looks. The look perfectly compliments winter style and is long-lasting, making it ideal for blustery winter weather, says RÓEN BEAUTY’s creative director Kate Synnott.

Celebrity makeup artist Sandy Linter says the “I’m Cold” makeup look is very reminiscent of the early 70s, and she loves it. Kevyn Aucoin global director of artistry and education Nick Lujan describes the current trend as “a fresh, just stepped in from the cold and ready to snuggle up with some hot cocoa look.” It’s youthful and doll-like with a lot of glow, adds Lujan, which sounds like a dreamy way to show up to holiday parties or après-ski.

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It’s all about the blush

The experts agree blush is the focal point of the chilly look. “With all the coats, scarves, hats and gloves in our winter wardrobes, we often leave our faces bare to the winter cold. This means our nose and cheeks are exposed to sub-zero temperatures and often produce a rosier complexion,” says Disco. To recreate this, Lujan advises focusing the blush on the high points of the face, like the tip of the nose, chin and apples of the cheeks. “Think of it as blushing all the areas of your face that normally get the coldest first when you go out in the freezing temperatures,” he explains.


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Color outside the lines with blush

According to Disco, the I’m cold trend “utilizes blush that is strategically placed across the nose and cheeks to mimic that ‘just off the slopes’ look.” She advises applying the blush in the same way you would place bronzer in the summer for a faux tan.

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Opt for a cream formula

In the colder months, Disco tends to reach for cream blush while skin is drier, and experts suggest you do the same for this look. Synnott says cream blush especially complements this look “as it gives a soft dewy glow while adding a flush to the cheeks.” She recommends Cheeky Cream Blush ($36) in Pink Dusk or Natural Rose for an easy-to-use, hydrating formula.

Disco likes using The Rose Inc Cream Blush Refillable Cheek & Lip Color ($30) during the winter. The squalane and hyaluronic acid help keep her skin hydrated throughout the day, whether she’s “indoors or outside making snow angels.”

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But don’t go too heavy on the blush 

While blush is an important part of this look, going overboard with it can make it look more “like special effects makeup,” so don’t overdo the rouge. Disco also advises avoiding applying blush close to the eyes or the sides of the nose as you may risk looking like you have the common cold weather conditions of teary eyes and a runny nose.

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Add shimmer to high points 

Linter says adding a touch of gleam to the highest part of the cheekbones will help give a “frosty look.” Lujan suggests applying “a sheer veil of a shimmery highlight powder” in the same high points you applied the blush. He recommends using The Neo-Highlighter ($38).

If you’d prefer a stick highlighter, Synnott says RÓGLOW Skin Stick Highlighter in Glazed ($39) supplies the perfect frosty glow. “You can add to your cheeks, eyes and nose and make your skin look incredible.”

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Frosty eyes

When it comes to eyeshadow Lujan recommends applying your favorite light-reflective, shimmering shade “over the entire eyelid, inner corner of the eye and under the arch of the brow, keeping the outer corner and crease matte for contrast.” He likes using the Contour Eyeshadow Palette ($36).

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Laidback lashes

Since the emphasis is on the blush, Linter says the eyes aren’t as pivotal. She suggests using a lash curler and some mascara but skipping the fake lashes for this look.

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Consider adding a wing

Synnott says she’s noticed “the baby cat liner” having a moment alongside the “I’m Cold” look. She loves the contrast of a little wing to enhance the eyes when the rest of the look is on the more natural and soft side. Synnott recommends using a gel pencil eyeliner that sets easily. She notes that Lancôme Drama Liqui-Pencil Eyeliner ($22) is super easy to use. Lujan agrees that winged liner is the perfect addition to the I’m cold look. To get a sleek wing, he recommends Precision Liquid Liner ($32).


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Lay the foundation with a bit of glow 

The foundation is not the most important part of this look, but it’s good to have an even tone to build on. Linter says to skip contouring, but that doesn’t mean this layer needs to be boring. Lujan suggests blending a drop of Glass Glow Liquid Illuminator ($32) into your favorite foundation.

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Get a glossy pink lip

A glossy lip will help seal the deal on the viral look. Since pink is the color palette for this look, Synnott suggests Elixir Tinted Lip-Oil-Balm in Stella ($32). “This gives the most incredible glassy pink effect to the lips, with a powerhouse of skin-loving ingredients to match it.”