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Jewelry Wire Size Chart

If you might be looking at this, you in all probability have some curiosity in jewelry wire – that is fantastic! Jewelry producing is a well-known interest, and for a excellent purpose! It can be unbelievably worthwhile to get a piece of metal and convert it into anything stunning.

A wire is a fantastic medium for building jewellery, and there are a lot of options when it comes to what you can do with it.

In this article, we are going to go over the fundamentals of jewellery wire: what it is, the different varieties out there, and how to use it. We are going to also offer some suggestions on doing the job with wire so that you can build attractive parts that will stand the test of time.

What Is a Jewelry Wire?

Jewellery wire is a type of metal that is especially designed for use in producing jewellery. It is ordinarily created from copper, brass, or sterling silver and is usually plated with yet another metal, this sort of as gold or silver.

A wire is sold in a range of thicknesses, called gauges. The thicker the wire, the better the gauge amount. For case in point, a 12-gauge wire is thicker than a 16-gauge wire.

Wire Gauge Systems 

There are two key programs for measuring the thickness of jewellery wire: the American Wire Gauge (AWG) system and the Regular Wire Gauge (SWG) program.

The AWG process is utilized in the United States, when the SWG system is utilized in Europe. In basic, you will want to use the very same gauge system throughout your challenge so that all your items are dependable.

See the chart under for the gauge measurement in inches and millimeters.

Jewelry Wire Size Chart

Kinds of Jewelry Wire

Many different varieties of jewelry wire are offered on the sector, each and every with its exceptional homes. The variety of wire you use will rely on the venture you might be performing on. Some of the most typical sorts of jewelry wire include things like:

  1. Sterling silver wire: Sterling silver is a well known selection for jewelry producing since it is gentle and quick to perform with. It is also a very strong steel, so your pieces will be long lasting.
  2. Gold-stuffed wire: Gold-crammed wire is produced by bonding a layer of gold to a base steel. It is much a lot less high-priced than stable gold, but it continue to has a wonderful, lustrous end.
  3. Copper wire: Copper wire is a wonderful option for newbies, as it is rather cheap and quick to do the job with. It does are inclined to tarnish above time, so you will require to get care of your items.
  4. Brass wire: Brass wire is similar to copper wire but has a yellow-gold color. It is also a little bit more tough to perform with than copper wire.

Wire Designs

  • Round Wire
  • Half-spherical wire
  • Square wire
  • Twisted wire

The most common form of jewelry wire is round wire, which is accurately what it seems like – a piece of steel shaped into a circular condition. It is really the most well known option for wire wrapping and wire forming. It is also greatly offered at all jewelry-earning materials suppliers. If some vendors do not specify the form of the wire, normally, it is a spherical form wire.

Nevertheless, the wire also comes in other styles, these kinds of as flat, sq., and 50 %-spherical.

Flat wire is, as you could possibly hope, a piece of metal flattened into a slender strip. It is often utilised for making wire-wrapped jewellery, as it can be very easily wrapped around stones.

Sq. wire is, as you might guess, a piece of steel fashioned into a square shape. It can be employed for different uses, including making one-way links and wire-wrapped configurations.

Square wires can also be very easily bundled together considering the fact that the connecting sides are flat, enabling designers to create unique designs. 1 detail to be knowledgeable of in the sq. wire is that you ought to maintain the wire straight to stay away from undesired twists. The twist in the square wire can be very obvious.

As the name implies, the 50 %-spherical wire is a piece of metal that is 50 percent round and 50 % flat. It is typically utilised for producing jump rings, as it is easy to bend into a circle.

Wire Hardness

  • Useless comfortable
  • 50 %-tricky
  • Total-tough

The hardness of wire is calculated on a scale of dead tender to the complete hard.

Lifeless gentle wire is the most malleable style of wire and is usually made use of for tasks that need a large amount of bending.

The 50 %-challenging wire is a lot less malleable and is frequently utilized for initiatives that need fewer bending.

The total-difficult wire is the the very least malleable type and is ordinarily only utilized for tasks necessitating really minor bending.

Equipment Demanded When Doing the job with Jewellery Wire

Jewelry wire can be worked with different instruments, including pliers, cutters, and files.

How to Use Jewelry Wire

Now that we have absent more than the fundamental principles of jewelry wire and its readily available forms let’s speak about how to use it.

Stage One: Usually use sharp equipment: When cutting or shaping wire, be absolutely sure to use sharp applications. This will assistance you get a thoroughly clean, precise slice.

Step Two: Get the job done gradually and cautiously: When doing the job with wire, choose your time and be mindful. This is not materials that you want to rush by means of.

Stage Three: Pliers are a must-have software for any person doing the job with jewelry. Pliers grip the wire, bend it, and twist it into form. There are a wide variety of various forms of pliers available, each with its personal distinct objective.

Stage Four: Cutters are made use of to minimize the wire to the preferred duration. There are numerous kinds of cutters accessible, just about every created for reducing distinct forms of wire.

Action 5: Documents are utilised to smooth the edges of the wire after staying cut. This is crucial, as sharp edges can be perilous.

A person of the most essential matters to keep in mind when doing the job with wire is usually making use of the appropriate applications. Wire cutters are especially developed for slicing wire and will give you a thoroughly clean slice that will never problems the wire.

Useful Procedures When Working with Jewelry Wire

There are a handful of distinctive techniques that you can use when performing with wire.

Wrapping is a typical technique made use of to insert decoration to a piece of jewelry. For instance, to wrap the wire close to a stone, merely position the stone in the centre of a size of wire, and then use your pliers to wrap the wire around the stone.

Coiling is yet another popular method that is employed to make the decoration, as properly as to include construction to a piece of jewelry. To coil wire, commence by wrapping it all over a mandrel (a rod used to condition metallic). Once you have wrapped the wire all-around the mandrel a handful of times, use your pliers to gently squeeze the coils together.

The moment you have mastered the fundamentals of performing with jewellery wire, the sky is the restrict in phrases of what you can build.

So, get out your instruments and give it a try – we are confident you can like the final results!


What is the difference involving lifeless gentle, 50 %-really hard, and entire-difficult wire?

The hardness of wire is calculated on a scale of useless delicate to the whole really hard. Dead tender wire is the most malleable kind of wire and is normally used for tasks that require a large amount of bending. The fifty percent-tricky wire is much less malleable and is frequently utilised for tasks that involve much less bending. Eventually, the whole-challenging wire is the the very least malleable type of wire and is typically only made use of for jobs that demand quite small bending.


We hope this posting has assisted you realize the basics of jewellery wire. Now that you know the different types of wire obtainable and the equipment and methods used to function with it, you’re completely ready to get started developing your have exclusive jewellery items! Thanks for looking through!