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One2Three Jewelry What are the fancy diamonds?

One2Three Jewelry What are the fancy diamonds?

There are not only colorless (white) diamonds in mother nature, there are also other shades of this natural mineral.


Shades of fancy diamonds

Shiny colored diamonds are not graded in accordance to the GIA technique. They belong to a independent group. There is even a separate title for them: extravagant. Generally their hue is reached in the laboratory, but it is usually extra interesting to glance at the hues made by mother nature by itself.

Jewelers use about 10 names from the colour variety to get an correct comprehension. Typically, you will normally see a dominant shade and a secondary shade in the description of a diamond.

It is also worthy of considering that a white diamond with a yellowish tint, for case in point, is not the exact same as a natural fancy yellow diamond. A organic extravagant yellow diamond has a a great deal richer and a lot more vivid shade than a white diamond with a yellow tint. Looking at these types of a piece, it is normally crystal clear that it is not a white stone of lousy high-quality, specifically a fancy diamond. By the way, the brighter the shade, the better the cost of the stone.

Black diamonds are most prevalent in nature. In spite of their originality, they are rather hard to perform with owing to the massive amount of inclusions – graphite plates. 



They obtain a related hue many thanks to boron atoms. They match wonderfully with white and especially yellow gold.

This form of diamond is formed by publicity to radioactive uranium. Even with this threatening formulation, eco-friendly diamonds are properly risk-free. 

Formed by extended-expression publicity to superior temperatures.  Because of to their fragile hue, intimate visual appearance and likelihood of using different cuts, they are most routinely decided on for engagement rings. They are regarded to be 1 of the most rare of all extravagant diamonds.

Other colors
 of diamonds

There are also orange, purple, grey, brown and red diamonds that are popular and often employed in jewellery. The original combination of quite a few at the same time.