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Too Orangey For Fashion

Real Fruit, Vegetable and Flower Resin Jewelry by NALANStudio | Freeze Drying vs Dehydrating

Real Fruit, Vegetable and Flower Resin Jewelry by NALANStudio | Freeze Drying vs Dehydrating

I absolutely have an understanding of how difficult producing serious flower resin jewellery soon after acquiring dabbled with the strategy myself. So when I noticed Kentucky based Yuki Nalan of NALANStudio‘s do the job, I went wow!

You can see why her fans enjoy her work in this market marketplace.  Her serious fruit and flower – at times both of those combined in a single layout – nevertheless retains significantly of the vivid coloration and condition of the unique organic materials. She employs the freeze drying approach rather than silica gel. 

Yuki also works devoid of frames or molds. Occasionally she works by using the whole flower. I was amazed with her dainty real orchid, rose bud and bellflower earrings. These are extremely fragile immediately after drying and coating with resin is not easy.  Just pretty operate!

Bell flower resin earrings

Blood Orange earrings

Serious Cherry Tomato Earrings

Actual dragonfruit earrings

Actual Lemon and Flower Earrings

True orchid earrings

Serious pansy flower earrings
Real strawberry earrings

Real pansy flower earrings

Genuine rose earrings

Authentic starfruit earrings

Authentic cucumber earrings

Freeze Drying vs Dehydrating 

Serious natural content like bouquets and sliced fruit have to be thoroughly dried prior to staying embedded into resin. Any dampness still left will result in the product rotting inside of the resin. 

The most common and tools-cost-free system of true flower resin jewellery generating is with silica or by the classic urgent and drying (speedier with a microwave). The drying is not fast so there is the decline of some colour and form distortion. 

The other two techniques have to have machines which can be extremely high priced in particular for freeze dryers.  Dehydrators which are utilized for drying foods use reduced heat and may affect shape and coloration. 

Freeze drying is extremely speedy as the material is promptly frozen and positioned in vacuum – the type and taste of freeze dried food, which is normally rehydrated, remains the exact as the original. This technique of preservation is generally applied for navy rations, astronauts and hikers!

Freeze drying also helps make the materials really brittle so that is why resin is made use of to coat and defend freeze dried bouquets, fruits and veggies if they are to be applied in jewelry.

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