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Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas for Your Online Business

happy thanksgiving
happy thanksgiving

What is Thanksgiving?

The Thanksgiving holiday is observed as a time for giving thanks for the good things that have happened and contemplating those that may happen in the future. It is also known by many other names and celebrated for various reasons, such as Harvest Festival and Day of Giving Thanks.

Thanksgiving is here, meaning it’s time to eat, laugh, and give thanks. As you sit down with your family this Thanksgiving weekend to enjoy the dinner you worked so hard to prepare, take a moment to consider how much you have to be thankful for. And then consider how Thanksgiving can be an opportunity to market your online business as well. By tapping into the spirit of gratitude that comes with Thanksgiving, you can tap into new ideas and strategies that will help you grow your online business in 2022 and beyond!

Why market on Thanksgiving?

The survey shows that consumers between the ages of 18 and 24 are the most likely (88%) to shop on Thanksgiving weekends; while 84% of consumers surveyed between the ages of 25 and 34 expressed the same intention. 18-34-year-olds account for more than 69% of the total number of consumers who are willing to shop.

How popular is Thanksgiving on social media?

On Facebook, there are 3.2 million posts about #Thanksgiving, while some brands have already started their marketing on Facebook.

thanksgiving on facebook

On YouTube, 40,000 people have posted over 72,000 posts about #Thanksgiving

22.65 million posts on #thanksgiving on Instagram, all of which are Thanksgiving recipes and decoration pictures shared by brands.

thanksgiving on instagram

On TikTok, there are 1.1 billion views on #thanksgiving, most of which are posted by people having fun moments with their families, dancing moments, quirky drama, etc. during Thanksgiving.

On balance, a Thanksgiving Day post on social media related to a brand’s products or the holiday has a high probability of gaining greater exposure, which in turn will boost the brand’s sales at the end of the year.

How to do Thanksgiving marketing?

Here are some great Thanksgiving marketing ideas to help get your creative juices flowing:

1. Email marketing

Emails get the highest open rate out of any marketing channel. Use this knowledge to send your customers and prospects out Thanksgiving-themed emails throughout the week before Thanksgiving. The length of your email is up to you. Keep it short and sweet, or elaborate and sell; it’s all up to you.

email marketing for thanksgiving

2. Google ads

You can create Thanksgiving-themed ads, which are usually less expensive than other ads. Since they’re seasonal, you’ll also get a lower cost per click(CPC). The Thanksgiving ads can be optimized and adjusted according to your budget, location, and what you’re trying to target. You can also target specific customers with these ads or use them as a follow-up ad to email marketing.

3. Social Media Marketing

Post Thanksgiving-related content to your social media channels for more exposure, comments, and shares. Make sure that the content is relevant and is actually from you. If it’s from you, then you’ve made a great impression on your potential customers, and they aren’t going to get suspicious of your content. The Thanksgiving posts should be in color and can be no more than 150 characters. (These tips are based on Facebook)

thanksgiving discount on facebook

4. Holding a Giveaway

Giving back to your customers is a great way to build trust and make your customers feel appreciated. Create a giveaway for Thanksgiving in which you can give away something worth the value. The giveaway should be relevant to the holiday and not out of place. You could even offer an alternative prize if the winner has already purchased what you’re giving.

You could use alternative platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Google+, etc., to promote your giveaway throughout various social media platforms and get more views.

5. Create Themed Product Bundles

For your e-commerce business, you can create themed product bundles for Thanksgiving to help convert your traffic into customers. To increase sales, create a limited-time offer in which you could bundle different products that are reasonably priced and relevant to each other. The products could be considered as a “stackable” bundle.

6. Create Content Related to Thanksgiving

You can create content related to Thanksgiving through blog posts, infographics, and YouTube videos. You can do this on your website and social media channels to increase your exposure. The content should be relevant and helpful in making your customers feel appreciated.

7. Update Your Listings

Give your products and services a Thanksgiving feel to them. Just find a way to incorporate the feeling into your product detail listings, category descriptions, and other pages. You can add a short paragraph about the benefits of your product or service for the holiday season, and the prospect will become more interested in purchasing from you. The holiday spirit will also make your customers feel more valued and positively reflect your business.

8. Thanksgiving Specific Landing Pages/Websites

Create special landing pages or websites for Thanksgiving. You could add videos, pictures, trivia questions, and interactive content to increase interaction with the customer. You can even use this opportunity to showcase what types of discounts you are giving for the holiday season or what kind of deals you’re offering for the time being.

9. Promote Other Small Businesses

You could join forces with other small businesses and create one of your own. It is a good way to showcase your talents, share knowledge and promote your business. In essence, it makes both parties look good individually, and the outcome of it is even better when you collaborate with others.

10. Give Thanks to Your Customers

Create a Thanksgiving card for your customers in which you can thank them for their purchases and compliment them on their purchases. You can also complement them on other things, such as the style of their writing or the website design they’re using. You can also arrange a meeting between your customer and yourself in which you can give a presentation about your business, what makes you different from other small businesses, etc. This will make your customers feel more important to you and increase the probability of reoccurring customers.

11. Create Thanksgiving-Related Content

Depending on your sector, you can create content related to Thanksgiving. The content could be “What Thanksgiving Means to Me” or “The History of Thanksgiving.” the best part about this is that you don’t have to create the content on your own; you can find pictures, articles, and even videos related to Thanksgiving and add a twist. This way, the content you present will be more interesting compared to others, and it will also have a new perspective.

12. Start a Contest

Start a contest in which you ask your customers to create content related to Thanksgiving. The most efficient way to promote this contest is through your social media channels or other platforms to increase the probability of people knowing about the contest and having more participants. You can even provide prizes for your customers, depending on how many entries you get.

Thanksgiving is a holiday of appreciation and thanks. This Thanksgiving, take the time to appreciate your customers and thank them for their continuous support. Show them that you care about what they say by listening and responding appropriately. Thanksgiving is more than just about the food; it’s about the people around us. We all need to be thankful for what we have and who we have in our lives. So spend some time with those who matter most, and make sure you offer your thanks this Thanksgiving.

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