May 18, 2024


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Why Eating Too Less is Not an Ideal Way To Lose Weight?

Eating Too Less

The word “diet” is squarely associated with eating less or too less and crash dieting is often deemed as the shortest route possible to lose weight “fast.” But is this shortest way, safest and most effective? Skimping down calories and eating as less possible is probably the #1 reason why most dieters fail. It’s a myth that needs to be busted right away. Surprisingly, crash dieting produces the exact opposite result, weight gain instead of weight loss. Food is not your enemy – you just have to pick the right ones and practice portion control to maintain a calorie deficit to burn fat. Experts say there’s another side effect to crash dieting – you cannot stop thinking about food all the time which would lead to binge eat towards the end of the day, most likely on junk food. Wait, there’s more to it and we will reveal why eating too less is not ideal way to lose weight and what are the other best options:

Why Eating Too Less is Not an Ideal Way To Lose Weight

Why you Would Not Lose Weight with Crash Dieting?

Crash dieting is extreme calorie restriction and food deprivation which is employed by people who hope to slim down quickly. But when you cut down food drastically, the body fails to meet its energy demand, and the evolutionary mechanism which helped our ancestors survive thousands of years ago kicks in, sending the body into a famine mode, where it lowers metabolism to conserve energy, and that means, the body’s fat storage gets locked up and access is denied for fat burning. We cannot even begin to tell you about the side effects – severe hair fall, brittle nails, skin issues,  anemia, irregular periods, dizziness, because the body’s priority is to survive.

This mechanism helped our ancestors to survive in harsh condition where they were not sure where the next meal would come from. However, when trying to lose weight, crash dieting can be counterproductive because though the scale does move down fast initially (most of it water weight and loss of lean mass), after a few days, when weight loss plateau hits, with a slow metabolism – losing weight from that point on, would be an uphill task. After that point, with a slow metabolism, most dieters find it difficult to continue on the diet, and once they are back to normal eating habits, weight gain is imminent.

For example, if before crash dieting, the body was functioning at 1500 calories, after crash dieting, when the metabolism has been re-adjusted, the body learns to function at 1000 calories, and once you switch back to 1500 calories, the excess 500 calories get processed and stored as fat. This is the way people gain extra weight than when they were previous to crash dieting. When you would eventually eat normally, most of the calories would get stored up as fat. Also, cravings for sugary treats and unhealthy food increases exponentially. Not to mention, skipping exercise is common because there’s hardly any energy left with such a diet.

Summing up, instead of crash dieting, focus on healthy eating, and instead of crash dieting, start on Rati Beauty diet which does not believe in food deprivation and encourages dieters to nourish the body and make positive lifestyle changes to lose extra pounds and inches.

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